Juan Ibanez was admitted to Memorial Herman Heart and Vascular Institute in December

I have received an email saturday, regarding one of our artists: Juan Ibanez, who is in the hospital…..best of luck to you Juan.

Good morning!

First, if you receive this email twice, I apologize. Second, for some of you, this will be a surprise/upset.

Juan was admitted to Memorial Herman Heart and Vascular Institute in December due to difficulty in breathing. After extensive tests, we were advised yesterday, that Juan is on the heart transplant list. On a hierarchical scale that determines the order in which hearts are given out (1a to 7), Juan is currently at a 1b. Next week, they will perform a right-heart catheterization to see how strong his heart is currently pumping blood throughout the body. If it is at an index of 2.2 or better, he will come home with a portable IV and will remain a 1b. If it isn’t at 2.2 or better, he will be put into ICU with a rating of 1a. He will then be monitored closely to make sure that other organs in the body aren’t being adversely affected by the heart. If that starts to happen, they will install a heart pump and send him home after some rehab time. At that point he will be back at a 1b.

A lot of ‘ifs’ in there!

Juan is in really good spirits and is looking forward to whatever it is going to take to have him feel good again. He has his laptop, his DVDs, games, and TV. He takes 4-5 walks around the floor daily. He loves how he can just ask for what he wants and it is delivered. The hospital has a chef that selects patients and cooks them the meal they want. One day, Juan may be on that list and he is already plotting and planning what he will ask for! He enjoys the calls and visits that he gets. From time to time he wishes he was home, but he quickly moves away from that.

I am handling this fairly well. I visit Juan 4 nights a week and Saturday. When I am not there, I am handling household items or vegging out. I am making sure that I include social activity so I don’t get myself isolated. My family and friends are always checking on me. In fact, Susan is taking me shopping today at the outlet mall. None of that covers the fact that I really miss having Juan here at home.

Please feel free to call Juan at 832-289-4717. He would love hearing from you. When some of the ‘ifs’ are answered, I’ll let you know.

Kristina for Juan






The Museum of the Americas has created the“100 CERTIFIED ARTISTS ORGANIZATION” under the following conditions:


1.This organization only applies to 100 artists worldwide. Once the 100 number is reached, the artists’ registry will be closed.

2. According to registration  artists will be assigned numbers from 1 to 100. At today, January 5, only 17 certifies remain as there are 83 artists registered during the shows in January and May 2014.


  1. Participants in the previous shows who received the Certificate CANNOT PARTICIPATE AGAIN.(You can discard this mail).


  1. Benefits follow:

Example of Certificate

  1. a) Each artist receives a Member of the Organization Certificate where he/she is confirmed as “AN ARTIST CERTIFIED BY THE MUSEUM OF THE AMERICAS”. Such nomination can be used as per the artist’s discretion and may also be included in his/her curriculum vitae .It may be used at any given moment without previous consultation with the organization.


b )In February 2015, the THIRD EXHIBITION OF THE ARTISTS ORGANIZATION will take place  at the Museum of the Americas from February 13 through February 28 with an opening reception on the first day.
Each artist will be entitled to exhibit artwork measuring a maximum of  30×40 in (80×100 cm).

Only one work per participant will be accepted.

Tri dimensional pieces should be of reasonable weight and measurements.This show is  part of the benefits to be enjoyed as a Member of the organization and does not require any extra expenses except that involving the delivery and return  of the piece.


  1. A contribution of $165 US Dollars (€135 Euros for residents of the Euro zone) must be made

by check to the order of Museum of the Americas, bank transfer in US Dollars or Euros or by valid credit card.  All contributions must be received BEFORE JANUARY 24, 2015.

6. On JANUARY 24, 2015 the registration will end and for that day the Museum must have the contribution and photo of the participant work with title, media, size and price. In case of sales, NO COMMISSION to the Museum will be paid.

  1. Catalog: As always, a catalog will be printed and a copy will be sent to each participant.

Please make as many questions as you may have which will be promptly answered.


Best Regards,

Happy New Year


2500 NW 79 Ave #104 – DORAL, FL 33122
U.S.A. – Tel. 305.599.8089

Texas Office: 281.861.7146

Artists Alive & Well meeting, January 13, 2015 @ 7pm at JoMar Visions

Artists Alive & Well invites you to attend our first meeting of 2015 on January 13, 7PM at JoMar Visions, 902 Hardy St., Houston, TX 77020.

Please use back entrance.

This month we will kick off the year by “Show & Tell”. Bring your artwork, whatever you are currently working on, to discuss with the group. This is a great way for our members to get to know each other and have an opportunity to share ideas for the new year. See you there!

As always, AAW meetings are free and open to the public. Anyone with an interest in original artwork is welcome to attend.
2015 Membership
Artists Alive and Well always welcomes new members. Our membership is $40 per calendar year. To join AAW, attend a meeting to pay by check or cash. To pay your membership online through paypal send $40 to newmember@artistsaliveandwell.com

Help Wanted

AAW seeks people willing to volunteer for the following positions:

Exhibition Chair
PR Chair
Program Chair
Fund-Raising Chair

By assisting Artists Alive and Well and serving in one of these positions, you receive free membership for 2015. Email Suzanne Buckland at confident_realm@yahoo.com for more information.


Suzanne Buckland
Artists Alive & Well

AAW Seeks Venues

Houston City Hall Exhibition

         AAW Seeks Venues

Artists Alive and Well is currently seeking venues for art exhibitions and sales for 2015. We are interested in showing our work in office buildings, restaurants, churches, public buildings, libraries, banks, galleries, etc. If you would like to host an exhibition at your property, contact Suzanne Buckland at confident_realm@yahoo.com




Not only Artists Alive and Well, Inc. (AAW) is a great organization, its artist members breathe amazing talent. This is what this showcase is all about.

You’ll be able to enjoy new art and many items on special holiday sale. Come support the arts, mingle, chatter and get those gifts that your family and friends will love.

During this holiday season, make sure to support local business! This is a great chance to do so with a lot of variety of arts and crafts, there is something for everyone!

– Free & open to the public
– Street Parking
– Best Local Art
– Wine tasting & complementary hors d’oeuvres.
– Drinks served by AR Bartending Service

This event will be in conjunction with The Hardy & Nance Street Studios 3rd Saturday open studios.

Featured artists:

Alan Fuentes
Alexis Andrei
Anita Nelson
Audrey Van Tassell
Cathy Nance
Chasity Redeo
Cristina Abouelias
David Vander Linden
Farraha Barbre
Fernando Guel
Jayne Wilson
Jenny Albriton
Jenny Wilde
Joana Esteves
Juan Ibañez
Kaaren Cushman
Louis Monnich
Mark Roden
Mike Fisher
Rona Lesser
Roy Salazar
Saundra Salter
Scott Strozier
Shida Rad
Steve Matis
Suzanne Buckland
Suzette Schutze
Treena Rowan
Yun Fuentes
Jayne Wilson


Artists Alive & Well Year End Celebration 12.9.14

This evening, a small group of Artists Alive & Well met at JoMar Visions, 902 Hardy Street, in the Hardy & Nance Street Studio Complex for our end of the year celebration.

Our president, Suzanne Buckland, said a few words before people had a bite to eat and enjoy good conversation.

Suzanne reminded us that Artists Alive & Well will begin having their meetings, second Tuesday of the month, at the Hardy & Nance Street Studios. Then, in appreciation of of their dedication to Artists Alive & Well, six people were awarded a $25.00 gift card redeemable at Michael’s. They are as follows:

Shida Rad for her service as membership chair for the past several years.

Rona Lesser for her service as AAW’s secretary.

Diana Crane for her position as AAW’s Treasurer.

Roy Salazar for chairing the SummerView Art Show.

Joana Esteves for taking over the membership chair position from Shida and for having our end of the year showcase, art exhibition and sale at JoMar Visions, 902 Hardy Street, Houston, within the Hardy & Nance Street Studio Complex and in association with Third Saturdays Open Studio Event.

Michelle Hart for her assistance in various AAW Art Shows.

Suzanne reminded us that volunteers for the positions of Programs Chair, Exhibitions Chair, PR Chair and Fund Raising Chair are still needed. If anyone is interested in filling any of these positions contact her at confident_realm@yahoo.com for more information.

Also, AAW New and Renewing Membership is $35 + $10 for each additional family member with the offer expiring December 31, 2014. New & exciting things are being planned for 2015 so don’t forget to renew your membership or become a new member and attend our meetings to learn about upcoming shows or to listen to interesting speakers.https://www.facebook.com/diana.crane.37/media_set?set=a.10205746543451476&type=1&pnref=story


This is a very important information from the


The Mural for the Peace is formed by 100 original independent artworks of 8×8 inches (20,3 x 20,3 cm) in 4 lines. At today, we have 91 artists registered.

Preview in HOUSTON (Texas) – February 14-28, 2015.
DUBAI – The great show will take place on March 16-20 during the DUBAI ART WEEK. The Museum tour will attend the opening. We organize and official tour to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah from March 13 through March 22. If you are interested in traveling with us, please contact Americasmuseum@aol.com for full information.

Very Important Information:

1. If you have been REGISTERED to participate in THE MURAL FOR THE PEACE and you have sent your artwork or photo to print on canvas and the necessary contribution, please be informed about the change of date of the first show above.
2. If you did NOT sent the artwork, please do it as soon as possible even we postponed the DEADLINE until January 5. Once the 100th artist is registered we will close the Mural.
3. If you did NOT sent the contribution, please do it immediately. We will not register any participant without the contribution.

If You want to participate:
1. If You ARE NOT REGISTERED but you want to participate, please answer this mail immediately. The artwork size must be 8×8 inches (20,3 x 20,3 cm) centered on a 10×10 inches (25×25 cm.) canvas. The work must be sent to our Office WITH NO STRETCHER. We will fix your work and the cots of the stretcher is included in the contribution mentioned in pt. #2.

If you are a sculptor, photographer or your technique does not allow to use a canvas, you can send a PHOTO of your work and we will print it on the necessary canvas. Cost of printing is $25 dollars or €20 euros which must be added to the contribution established in pt.#2.

2. Contribution to participate is $395.00 dollars or €315 euros for European Union residents. This amount includes both shows (Houston and Dubai), stretcher and shipping from United States to Dubai and vice versa.

Payment can be done through a check to the Museum, credit card, bank transfer in dollars or euros or personal transfer via Western Union.

Please ask all necessary questions to Americasmuseum@aol.com

Thank you and best regards,
Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
Happy Hanukkah
2500 NW 79 Ave #104 – DORAL, FL 33122
U.S.A. – Tel. 305.599.8089